De-Stress Pet Shampoo


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Stress-free bathtime for your dog - and you!

New and limited edition.

Bathtime can be stressful for you and your furry friend. The dog-loving team at Aromatica developed a bathtime formula that is as thoughtful and holistic - plus clean, vegan, and cruelty-free - as their skincare products for humans.

This innovative and gentle pet shampoo features a stress-relieving aromatherapy blend designed by pet aroma therapists to optimize your dog's relaxation and keep your dog feeling energetic and vibrant. Frankincense helps stimulate the circulatory system and support the growth of fur, Lavender helps improve the skin and relax the muscles, Geranium, Patcholi, and Cedarwood help curb viruses, bacteria and pests.

Beyond this carefully calibrated aromatherapy blend, Aromatica designed the shampoo to provide a thorough clean while also respecting the unique characteristics of your dog's skin and fur. Dogs can be very sensitive to products that are applied to their skin. A dog's skin is up to five times thinner than human skin, and also has a different pH level - slightly alkaline for dogs as opposed to slightly acidic for humans. This pet shampoo avoids synthesized fragrances and harsh ingredients in favor of a clean vegan approach, at the right pH of 7.5, which deep cleans while simultaneously hydrating and supporting your dog’s skin barrier.

Earn Peach Points Earn 1 Peach Point per $1 spent! 175 Points = $10 off