Korean Skincare Regimen: Normal Skin

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Take your skin to another level of flawless

Normal skin: You're blessed with skin that is not-too-oily, not-too-dry, with just-right lipid levels. Your pores are minimal and if you experience any dryness or oiliness it's minimal. Your skin feels comfortable without too much tightness or itchiness/you typically receive compliments on your skin/you do not break out too easily. If you have normal skin, your sebaceous glands don't go into under-drive or over-drive. Taking care of your skin is usually easy. Note: you can have normal and well balanced skin, but can also have dehydrated skin. "Normal" is your skin type, but hydrated/dehydrated is your skin circumstance that even those with normal skin types will need to work on.

About this kit: This kit is focused on giving your skin all the comprehensive care it needs to stay radiant, hydrated, and firmed up. Even if you have normal skin, without proper care, normal skin also experiences breakouts, accelerated signs of aging, and irritation. The great news is that with proper support, your skin can truly stay in great shape. We included two popular cleansers to get your double cleanse right: cleanse down to pores dissolving makeup and oil-based impurities without stripping skin of your natural lipids. Balance the skin's pH with a luxe toner delivering nourishment, followed by much needed hydration to skin -- remember, even with normal skin, skin can become dehydrated. Serums to help create stronger and more supple skin. A beautiful eye cream to deliver rich antioxidants and hydration to the delicate eye area in a lightweight, soft texture. A matcha moisturizer that works for the AM and PM. Finally, a Clay mask that will strip any impurities and infuse skin with the nutrients it needs, leaving skin pure and soft.

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Earn Peach Points Earn 1 Peach Point per $1 spent! 175 Points = $10 off