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Spot Treatments

Breakouts can range from small whiteheads to large cystic bumps. Find the right treatment and preventative care routine to address any acne concern.

All Spot Treatments

Acne Spot Treatment Trio

Properly treat blemishes at every breakout stage

Acne Spot Dots

Speedy treatment and non-drying

Nose Pore Patches

Goodnight blackheads… good morning clear, tight pores

Deep Blemish Microdarts

Microdart patches for emerging and underground blemishes

Dark Spot Microdarts

Microdart patches for dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Acne Spot Dots - 60 Counts

Help blemishes disappear quickly and effectively with our #1 bestselling blemish solution!*

Transparen-C Pro Spot Treatment

Stable 20% Vitamin C visibly erases dark spots - rapidly and gently

Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot

Great for on-the-go folks

BHA Plus Dark Spot Zero Cream

Renew and brighten

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